Anthropoid Film: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack



Rilasciata la soundtrack originale del film “Anthropoid” con Jamie Dornan.

Etichetta discografica Lakeshore Records. L’album contiene musica originale composta da Robin Foster (già collaboratore del regista Sean Ellis nel precedente film “Metro Manila”).






1. Golden Gate
2. A Wolf In Unix
3. The Scenic Route
4. First Day On The Job
5. It Speaks
6. Reverse Engineering
7. Security Is A Myth
8. The Morning After
9. Rooftop Fireworks
10. I Need A Little Time
11. Western Arrivals
12. The Slingshot
13. 10BROAD36
14. The Way In
15. Run Time
16. Last Nerve
17. Gordon Steals A Cabbage Patch
18. The Cost Of Doing Business
19. Joe’s Truth
20. Go Get The Bike
21. The End of Donna’s Day
22. It’s Not Right
23. MacMillan Utility